Plant Benefits


Here’s How Plants Help To Benefit Your Home & Work Environments

  • Lower stress and enhance productivity by 12%
  • Attract and retain select employees
  • Absorb sound and create a soothing environment
  • Boost comfort levels and reduce operations & maintenance costs
  • Improve your corporate image
  • Plant-filled rooms contain 50%-60% fewer airborne molds & bacteria
  • Remove indoor pollution naturally
  • Reduce humidity by 30-60%
  • Can lower heating and cooling costs by 20%

Biophilia.  A green wave of plants is flowing into architectural and interior designs as biophilia enhances the way to better living.  Biophilia is a necessary component of human health. It signals our own biology desires to commune with nature every day. And we provide just that with our plants.

Benefits. Buildings are lifeless without sunlight streaming through the windows or plants nestled in strategic areas. The benefits alone are staggering when potted plants are introduced into a home or work place. Air quality improves.  Stress is reduced. One study found significant productivity gains, less absenteeism, less health problems and a better sense of well-being were reported from employees working with plants in their environment. Even the structural designs of buildings are taking lessons from nature with biomimicry.

Business. A happy company is a productive one. And buildings that include plants in their interior show an increase in employee productivity.  In terms of cost per square foot, employee asset is 10 times the cost of building operations; and nearly 100 times the cost of energy consumed in the building. By providing plants throughout the interior of your building, both the aesthetics and the health benefits not only ensure the happiness and well-being of your employees. It saves money due to less employee down-time.

Home. Clean air is so essential to a healthy home. Plants purify the air and help reduce building pollutants that emit from walls, cabinets and flooring. It’s been proven plants can remove approximately 80% of formaldehyde from the air within a 4 hour period.   Besides clean air, plants provide a comfortable, nurturing space to unwind and de-stress, creating a sanctuary for all family members to enjoy

Plants. As a company that nurtures, encourages, and provides green living plants for homes and businesses, we are confident when it comes to promoting natural products we’ve met the ultimate of all guidelines – Mother Nature herself.

Plantscapers Inc. is your company for beautiful plants, healthy environments and for sustainable, renewable, green living areas.

Interior plants are vital to any environment that aims to be healthy, supportive, and sustainable.

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