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Recycled post-consumer products are broken down to create new products.
Recycled post-consumer products are broken down to create new products.

As an interior plantscaping company, we provide containers that are made from post-consumer recycled materials. Retired office equipment such as computers are processed through a recycling center and recreated new into plant containers from recycled post-consumer plastics. The line we use called Phoenix containers contains more than 80% of these recycled materials by weight. It gives new life to products that have already had a useful life span.

phoenix containers colorsBeautiful recycled containers are part of the growing trends in creating sustainable indoor environments with plants. The containers come in variety of colors, shapes, and are offered in 36 low-VOC (volatile organic compound) finishes to create gorgeous looks, all with sustainability in mind. Gorgeous plants are in turn complemented with the sustainable decorative containers.

Plants are considered valuable for improving health and human experience and are now part of the values incorporated in the designs of buildings. Both the WELL Building Standard and LEED points incorporate indoor live plants, replicas, living walls through interior and architectural designs that mimic the feel and look of nature. The standards main focus is to incorporate sustainable designs such as ecological containers and utilizing plants to bring nature into our space. We feel better and work performance is improved Plus, its a better world when waste is re-purposed, keeping our planet a better place for all. Placing plants in ecological containers is another way to include renewable sources into plantscaping.

Colors and shapes of ecologically made containers are both beautiful and fun.
Colors and shapes of ecologically made containers are both beautiful and fun.
White cylindrical containers are made from re-purposed waste products and truly show off the bright green of the leafy ZZ plant.

There is nothing ugly about containers made from recycled plastics. The various shapes, sizes and colors are just as beautiful as traditional containers made from other materials.

We love to spec the containers into a project as it is being designed. In this way, subtle details like proper lighting and airflow can be built into the specs along with the proper placement of the plants. A design that includes plants in containers, especially sustainable ones, build toward earning LEED points and WELL Certification. Both these processes promote and show the importance given to people and the environment when designing a space.

Interior plantscaping provides a vital element for a healthy environment – beautiful looking, air-enhancing, natural plants. And with ecological containers to make a full package for sustainable designs.

As we always say, “The design comes alive when the plants arrive.”



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