Veri Peri: Pantone’s Color of the Year Evokes Nature

pantone periwinkle blue-photo credit IBP

The new year brings more than just resolutions—it brings the new Pantone Color of the year! The interior design and fashion world are buzzing over the 2022 selection, periwinkle blue—Pantone #17-3938, also known as Veri Peri. 

According to Pantone, periwinkle blue is as much a feeling as a color. 

“Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expressions,” Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said. 

Indeed, Veri Peri is fun, striking, and full of boldness, which is very on-trend for 2022. The color will be part of a larger trend of bright colors and bold patterns as society wakes up from the tumult of the last few years. Expect to see it in branding campaigns, beauty products, apparel, accessories, digital art, fashion, and interiors. 

For interiorscapers like us, Veri Peri works with the natural vibe that we embrace. Think of this blue, with its violet-red undertone, as the blue of a fading sunset as daytime clings to relevance. While you may not see periwinkle often in nature, it takes our breath away when we do. Think of fields of lavender, a clear blue sky in the winter, or the delicate beauty of the flower that acts as its namesake, vinca minor, or periwinkle

Pairing periwinkle with other colors is fun. In our standard neutral color scheme, periwinkle pops without being brash. Pair it with natural wood and fibers to make it the star of the room. A periwinkle accent wall provides a soothing backdrop for wicker, fluffy rugs, natural wood containers, terra cotta planters, and of course, plants. 

After a year of change in 2021, bigger, brighter, and more colorful things are on the horizon for 2022. While periwinkle won’t be my most-used color, I’m excited to see it as an accent in many iterations. How you pair this color will be vital to making your designs impactful. Plants in warm-colored decorative containers will allow this color to shine, imparting a soothing calmness to a well-designed room. 

Do you like the new Pantone Color of the Year? If you’d like to incorporate Veri Peri into your interior plant design, reach out to us! We’d love to explore the possibilities. 

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