Dracaena Arborea Plant

Dracaena arborea

Dracaena arborea is one of the most interesting plants we have in our line right now. It’s such a happy and stately plant. Arboreas can come with single heads or triple heads. These beautiful plants are from the Draceana family which is very exciting for Plantscapers designs, as they work in contemporary spaces and are very unique.

Dracaena arboreaEach one has it’s own individual form, but they all provide a spiky, topiary look. Arboreas are available in 8″, 10″, 12″,14″ and 17″ pot sizes. Special orders for larger sizes are available as well. The heights will vary depending on what shape the plant was groomed to form, but arboreas can reach heights over 10-15 feet. The plants provide a great alternative to the standard Marginata or Fiddle Leaf Fig plants in an interior or office environment with suitable lighting.

Keep in mind when watering Arboreas there could be a tendency to create a situation that promotes root rot. In our homes and offices, we keep Arboreas in light, well-drained soil. They prefer to be kept on the dryer side, but not so dry that it damages the plants. There is no specific amount or frequency of water that we can suggest since lighting, temperature and evaporation rates differ in every home and office. But on average you probably should not be watering your Arboreas more than twice per month.

The quantity of water to give the each plant also depends on the pot size and how dry/moist the soil is. You will need to develop a feel for the proper amount of water. Water at an even amount of moisture, without letting your plant get soaking wet. Then allow to completely dry out. Do not let water accumulate in the crown or soil. Moderation is key. Any planter that allows for evaporation, air flow and water drainage works well. Once you develop the “feel” for watering, you will be able to judge when to water by picking up the plant. The heavier the plant feels, the more moisture there is in the growing medium. If the plant is too large to lift, a water meter is well worth the investment.


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