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I think it’s safe to say that we are all looking forward to the holidays a little more this year! If you’re looking for the perfect hostess gift, work gift, or something special for your family that they will remember you all year, a live holiday plant is a perfect choice. There are three great holiday plants that will bring holiday cheer to all—the Christmas Cactus, Norfolk Island Pine, and Amaryllis. Any one of these fun traditional live plants is easy to find and care for. These beautiful holiday plants are a great way to be remembered all year long. It will be one of their favorite gifts and won’t break the bank. They are an economical yet very thoughtful and appreciated gift. 

The Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus is a favorite winter succulent. Also known as Zygocactus, it is known for its late fall and early winter blooms that come back year after year.  It will add warmth to your home year-round. Pairs best with hot chocolate and your favorite holiday album. The Christmas cactus flowers in white and pink. Plus, the Christmas cactus is low maintenance, making it perfect for first-time plant owners. It likes indirect-direct light and should be watered every other week.

Norfolk Island Pine

Combine a touch of the tropics with a festive holiday feel by gifting a Norfolk Island Pine Tree. A lively addition to your home all year round, the Norfolk is actually a tropical evergreen native to Norfolk Island in the Pacific Ocean. For a festive vibe, consider decorating its soft fronds with ornaments of your choice. A fun plant to have in sunny California as these don’t grow here, it will bring a Pacific Northwest vibe to your home. Eventually, you can even plant in your yard and watch it grow over the years. The Norfolk Island pine likes indirect to medium light and should be watered every two weeks or when the top half of the soil feels dry. 


Amaryllis is a very traditional holiday gift. This fun flowering plant is a bulb and will rebloom every year at the holidays. It produces large, lily-like blooms in white, red or red and white stripes for about three weeks. Cut the blooms and put in a vase for a beautiful holiday arrangement. Then you can plant the bulb in the ground or a decorative container and it will bloom every year and bring joy to all. Or you can simply cut the bloom down to about one inch in its grow pot and continue to water and fertilize throughout the year. It will rebloom next winter. It’s magnificent and so exciting to see your plant bloom every holiday season. Water slightly once a week, but no direct sunlight for this delicate plant. 



Whatever your choice, you will make that someone special very happy and bring some biophilia into their life. Add a handwritten card and these easy to care for living holiday plants are the perfect gift to remember. If you’re still unsure, contact us here at Plantscapers and we would love to help make your holiday gifting easy. 

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