Designers Embrace Integrating Plants

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As the pandemic wanes and businesses start welcoming their employees back into workspaces, the need for biophilia is catching on. Architects and designers understand the importance of bringing the outside in, and are now integrating plants into their design schemes from the earliest concept stages. They know that the human spirit is eased when plants are present and productivity is boosted by up to 12 percent.

The need for unique designs is critical. The architecture and design community are now specifying interior plantscaping on their projects more frequently. Sometimes a design requires customization of furniture, which could include decorative containers. These bespoke, plant-rich designs give the biggest bang for a designer’s buck while incorporating all the health benefits of living plants. Plus, with the huge variety of decorative containers out there, there’s no limit to what your space can become.

Here are a few of our favorite design elements. 

Customized Planters

Need a pop of an eye-catching design in your newly remodeled lobby? How about customizing your look with custom decorative containers with live plants? Unique customized containers come in any size or dimension. They can be elevated or sit on the ground. With custom or stock colors, your planters will set your lobby apart from any other. The possibilities are endless.

Integrating Plants as Camouflage

Not only do plants help boost mood and productivity, but they can also help hide structural elements. To cover electrical panels or hide delivery packages, request built-in doors. If you want mobility, go with castors. If you need privacy, add a trellis. Lighting, speakers, kicks, shelves, benches, cladding, engraving—it’s all possible.

Incorporating Texture and Color

Start with the basics: size, shape, material, and color. Then let your imagination run wild! Fiberglass, aluminum, or stainless steel can all add different dimensions of texture and color. Plus, all are available with curves or straight edges. Look at the building design and complement it with the container. 

Integrating plants as spacial tools

Now that offices are re-opening, and employees are returning, creating barriers with customized rectangles can be a great way to parcel out space without making it feel sparse. Incorporate square planters into your seating designs to give privacy softly and organically. People will feel safer and more at ease returning to work yet will have a nice green screen that offers oxygen and makes them happier at work.

Rectangles aren’t the only answer. We also have mobile plant walls in both live and moss applications to create a nice green screen. These walls can be moved to create any configuration at any time. These mobile walls are 6’ tall but still allow light to pass through. Moss walls absorb sound by 70%, which can be a huge improvement for open collaboration areas.

Any way you cut it, interior plantscaping is an imperative and necessary design element for any interior. The return on investment on plants in the design is proven to be high. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our interiorscaping designers.


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