Julie Davis Farrow Interview with Women Lead Radio

Julie Davis Farrow on Women Lead Radio

Listen to Julie Farrow, entrepreneur and woman business owner, as she shares her story of Plantscapers’ rise as a thriving and successful business on Connected Women of Influence’s Women Lead Radio show that aired March 4th, 2016.

Since 1981, Julie has worked hard and diligently to create one of the most prestigious interior landscaping companies in Southern California. Her passion for designing and bringing interiors to life is the core of what she loves to do and what she does best. And her work has led her to join forces with the architectural and design community creating unique and award-winning designs for corporate and residential interiors.

Julie Davis Farrow is known for her experience, design and innovation in the plantscaping arena. Plunging into the world of green back in 1981, she began her long career in beautiful plant environments as she pursued her college degree in interior design, horticulture and business.

Her hard worked immediately blossomed into Plantscapers Inc. where today she serves as the company’s founder and CEO. She is instrumental in the direction, culture and leadership of the organization.

As an active member of Green Plants for Green Buildings (GPGB), AmericanHort, and The National Association of Landscape Professionals, Julie keeps pace with the industry at every level. This includes participating as a founding member of Pinnacle V, an international peer group of plantscape professionals who share best practices and progressive business strategy.

The best of Julie comes out on stage where her experience as a registered speaker culminates with her talent for creating exciting designs. She is a GPGB Registered Trainer who is authorized to present “Authentically Green Interiors: Optimizing Nature’s Design,” as well as focusing on health, safety and sustainable design topics.

Speaking to audiences in the design community has taken her nationwide throughout the years articulating the great importance of plants in commercial and residential surroundings. Some of the architectural and design firms she has presented to are H. Hendy Associates, LPA Architects, ASID and Gensler Architects.

Her Architects in the Green presentation discusses the power of plantscaping and how it directly benefits the clients’ of both the design and architectural community. It showcases the variety of living walls, patioscaping, and interior plantscaping as well as the maintenance involved when utilizing the art of plant design in projects.

Most recently she was guest speaker at the MIDPAC Horticultural Conference & Expo in Hilo, Hawaii where she was represented by Green Plants for Green Buildings. Her successful talk on the importance of specifying interior plants on projects targeted the beneficial difference greenery makes in the design community.

Why have plants indoor?
+ Stress is lowered and enhances productivity by 12%.
+ Employee turnaround is reduced when plants are provided in the workplace.
+ Sound is absorbed by plants for a soothing environment.
+ Corporate image is enhanced.
+ Rooms filled with plants contain 50%-60% fewer airborne molds & bacteria.
+ Air quality becomes alive and clean.
+ Humidity is balanced with the presence of plants.
+ Heating and cooling costs are lowered by 20%.



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