Just Hanging Around: Hanging plants brighten any space

String of Pearls plant

We all know that adding a hanging plant to your office, home, or home office has lots of benefits–a lifted mood, better productivity, and cleaner air are just a few. But what if your workspace has to be dedicated to, well, work? If you’re lacking the space to set a pot of your favorite plant, then it’s time to get airborne with hanging plants. 


Hanging baskets used to be the gift of choice for Mother’s Day but lately have gained popularity with a wider audience. In small spaces, a hanging basket adds color and life without taking up precious space. Or if you have a bookshelf, a vining plant can add visual interest across several levels. 


Here are some tips to make vining or hanging plants work for your space. 


Choose a container

Your container will depend on where you want to put it. If you are hanging a plant, make sure that you can effectively water your plant. Using a hanger where you don’t need to remove the pot? Make sure that you have proper drainage so that your plant won’t rot. If you need to take it out to water, make sure that you can get the pot out easily. Even easy-care plants do need some care, and water is key. 


Choose a spot

As with any plant, at least some sunlight is needed. As well as considering how much sunlight you will need, think about how easy the plant is to get to. If you hang it somewhere that looks good but is hard to access, you’re less likely to give it the TLC that it needs to thrive. There are many options for unorthodox planters now, such as suction cup shelves that can attach to windows or using a wall-mounted coat rack as a spot for hanging several smaller pots. All can make an impact while creating easy-care access. 


Choose your plants

It’s not just philodendrons anymore! There are many options for beautiful vining plants, including flowering plants. Keep in mind that any flowering plant will eventually drop its flowers so if you go for something with blossoms, it will require a little more cleanup. Here are a few of our favorite options for hanging planters. 


  1. String of Pearls–yes, succulents can work as a hanging plant! The perk of using a succulent is the ease of maintenance. They sip water and can thrive in many lighting situations. Plus these beautiful plants add loads of texture to any indoor landscape. 
  2. Mistletoe Cactus–At first glance, you would never guess that this spiky plant is a cactus but in the wild, it grows on other plants, similar to its namesake. Mistletoe cactus can grow up to 20 feet long in the wild and can thrive in minimal sunlight, so if you have a high shelf or tall ceilings, this would make a stunning addition. 
  3. Spider Plant–This is the only spider that you want to introduce to your space! With long tendril-like leaves, this varietal will descend like a waterfall of variegated green in a hanging pot. This one needs full sun, so find that window and let spider plants brighten up your space. 


There are so many other options–air plants are striking suspended in glass containers, English Ivy can add a scholarly look to a library, or go for the classic petunia basket as mom always loved. Adding hanging plants to your favorite room will brighten it up and add a bit of whimsy. If you want more ideas, we are happy to help! Drop us a line and we can brainstorm together. 


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