Living Walls Bring Your Space to Life

We are happy to share Julie Bawden Davis’ article, “Living Walls Bring Your Space to Life,” that appeared online in Parade. She spoke with our CEO and Founder Julie Davis Farrow about the benefits of plants indoors.

In his 1984 book, Biophilia, well-known evolutionary biologist E. O. Wilson focuses on our natural affinity to life and how it binds us with all living things—including plants. While many gardeners can certainly feel this affinity outdoors, there are forward thinking companies such as Plantscapers Inc. that recognize our innate desire to connect with plants indoors, as well.

Since 1981, the company has designed, installed and maintained interior plantscapes for businesses and residences. “Our company is made up of dedicated, creative people who love plants and believe in a changing world that is finally embracing the symbiotic relationship that exists between humans and nature,” says the company’s founder and CEO, Julie Davis Farrow.

A couple of years ago, Davis Farrow discovered an ideal way to surround her clients with nature’s bounty indoors by installing living walls, which are walls covered in indoor plants. The living walls that Davis Farrow installs can be seen from all vantage points of a room and make you feel as if you’re surrounded by greenery.

“Indoor living walls are on the cutting edge of design in the architectural community. Other indoor plant setups, such as tall floor plants, can be impressive, but they aren’t always noticeable throughout a room’s design. Living walls create a presence in a room. When they are lighted properly, they act as living art pieces and are eye-catching conversation starters,” says Davis Farrow, whose living walls are in locations such as Houzz corporate headquarters and whose work will be showcased at Modernism Week in Palm Springs February 11th – 21st.

Living walls also provide health benefits by cleaning the air, and they are an easy way to fit plants into tight indoor spaces.

Here Davis Farrow answers questions about indoor living walls.

What conditions do indoor living walls require to thrive? “They need good light. Track LED lights from above are recommended. They also require adequate air circulation.”

What plants are best for indoor living walls?“Plants that can grow vertically, such as all varieties of pothos, philodendron, Chinese evergreen, spider plant, wandering Jew, croton, prayer plant, some Sansevieria, low bromeliads and anthuriums.”

What about maintenance of indoor living walls? “The key is the watering, and all living walls have different watering systems. There are some large walls that are set up on a drip irrigation system that is controlled by a sophisticated computer system, and they aren’t for the average indoor gardener to set up. It really takes an expert in the field of interior landscaping to help in the planning, designing, installation and maintenance of living walls. We highly recommend a professional service.”

ABOUT: Julie Bawden-Davis is a garden writer and master gardener, who since 1985 has written for publications such as Organic Gardening, Wildflower, Better Homes and Gardens and The Los Angeles Times. She is the author of seven books, including Reader’s Digest Flower GardeningFairy GardeningThe Strawberry Story, and Indoor Gardening the Organic Way, and is the founder of

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