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The last five years have taught me so much about the medical field. As we age, staying on top of preventative care is essential.  We only get one go-round on this Earth and so many of us take this for granted. Take care of yourself now and you’ll have the gift of health in your later years. You may feel invincible at 20, but without a bit of prep work and caution, your golden years can be much more difficult. Your older self will thank you for your foresight! Just remember, the body you have now is the same one you’ll have at 80!

First and foremost, get those checkups on regular basis. I know many people that have heard this fatal sentence, “If we caught this sooner, we could have saved you.” Many common medical diagnoses are preventable. I am a huge proponent of preventative maintenance. Just like we take our cars in for their maintenance, we should treat our bodies the same. 

 Write these appointments down and contact your health provider to schedule today!

Health Check-ups for all

  1. Yearly checkup with your general practitioner. Get your full blood work up to check cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure check and urine test. Knowing your baseline for these metrics is essential to catching changes down the line. 
  2. Regular checkup with a dermatologist. Skin cancer is nothing to be taken lightly and monitoring your skin for changes is critical. 
  3. Regular dental check-ups every six months. Your dental health can be a great indicator of other health issues. 
  4. Eye examination every two years. Go yearly if you wear glasses or contacts. Subtle changes to your prescription can add up and lead to headaches. 
  5. If you’re over 50, get a colonoscopy. 

Check-ups for Women 

  1. Yearly pap smears.
  2. Yearly mammograms over the age of 40. 
  3. Regular check ups if you’re pregnant. 
  4. If you’re over 50, check your bone density to check for osteoporosis.

Check-ups for Men

  1. Yearly prostrate check-up.

Regular check-ups are important but don’t ignore symptoms that crop up in between appointments either. DO NOT wait until the next scheduled appointment. 

I know so many people that escaped major illness and death because they sought out medical advice as soon as they had symptoms rather than waiting. If your medical diagnosis is serious, you can always get second and third opinions, which is highly recommended. Remember teaching hospitals have more options especially for rare or life-threatening issues. If you don’t jive with your doctor or their office staff, go elsewhere. There are many choices out there and this is your life!

Lastly, make it a priority to keep a good, healthy balance in your life, which means eating right, exercising regularly, and surrounding yourself with positive people. Together with the recommended check-ups, you can live a happy and healthy life. The days and years go too fast for us all.  We are all terminal and it’s just a matter of time but taking care of yourself can mean a better quality of life while you’re here. Do your best to keep your body and mind at their best!

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