Replica Plants Bring Eternal Spring

faux tulips

Spring can’t come soon enough this year. For those that can’t wait until Mother Nature cooperates, or better yet, those that love spring all year round, Plantscapers’ faux or replica plants line is here to brighten your space. 

With replica plants, you can brighten up any room or lobby with fresh, colorful blooms regardless of lighting or irrigation. A beautiful vase of replica tulips adds a pop of color to reception counters, bedroom nightstands, or your kitchen to cheer you up while preparing meals. Faux orchids can add elegance to bathrooms and hallways. 

Plantscapers’ replica line is made from the finest silk synthetic flowers and stems. Many of our higher-end trees are made with real bark or preserved tree trunks. We use only the highest-quality flowers, trees, and plants, including creating stunning ‘living’ walls in unexpected places. Most people don’t even know they are faux at first sight; you have to touch to believe. 

Why use replica? Great question! Replica plants have many benefits. First, you never need to replace the flowers or trees, saving you replacement costs. Second, there is no watering or maintenance except for a periodic feather dusting. Lastly and most importantly, it’s a design choice. When a client wants an exterior tree such as an olive tree or maple tree in their lobby, we can give that to them from our replica line. Eliminating the need for light and growing space opens a world of possibilities. 

Our most popular request is for replica bamboo and orchids. Bamboo is such a gorgeous look in corporate and residential spaces—lacy, upright, and very classy. We have stunning black and green bamboo available that creates a distinctive look. 

There is nothing more stately than live orchids, but when budget or lighting constraints are in place, we choose our replica orchids that come in many different colors and arrangements. Having a gorgeous replica orchid arrangement in your home or office in a dark area can be the one thing that brightens it up. Place an orchid in the women’s restroom and notice the compliments you receive. These are the details that really make a change in an environment. Flowers can be a costly investment, so ordering replica in our faux water is the perfect solution for your space.

When buying replica plants, quality matters. Make sure you purchase high-end quality plants and flowers from a very reputable store; there are many very poor-quality fake plants out there. It is an excellent upfront investment. While you might have to pay a little higher price tag initially, you’ll be glad you did! With no maintenance and no light, replica plants are the perfect solution! Contact one of our designers today to find the ideal replica plant or tree for your space! 

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