5 Reasons Replicas Are Perfect for Desert Living

Desert Living

Desert living such as the Coachella Valley with its hot dry air and endless sunny days creates harsh conditions for plants. And that includes indoor plants. Air conditioners blasts ceaselessly during the summer heat, leaving the indoor air dry and stressful for plants, toggling between extreme heat and extreme cool. Our branch in Palm Desert receives many thanks for our replica designs that create beautiful interiors despite the intense conditions.

Here are five reasons why REPLICAS make the best house plants for desert living in the Palm Springs area.

1. They won’t die.

Many indoor plants are temperamental and can’t take the extreme heat and extreme cool associated with desert living. Air conditioners dry out the moisture in the air; while long term absences from the home leaves no cool air running and plants suffer from the oppressive heat. Replicas take any environment in stride, staying green and beautiful 24/7.

2. Replicas look like the real deal.

It’s true.  We often hear, “Is it real or is it replica?” We love that question because it proves how sneaky replicas can be at imitating real live plants. If you love the aesthetic appeal of plants but lack an abundance of natural light, replicas are the perfect solution.

3. Low maintenance but high quality.

A quick dust and that’s it. Busy organizations or traveling home-owners have one less thing to worry about with replica plants. Yet still have the distinct advantage of complementing their interiors with beautiful greenery.

4. Wide variety of plants and containers to select.

The silk plants of longm time past do not compare to the beautiful selections available with replica plants. From Sanseverias, to mother-in-law tongues, the replica list is endless. Paired with the right container, replicas fill the niche of an empty space just like any other real plant. Bring the desert indoors with replica succulents!

5. Creative and unique designs.

Anything goes. We can specify any unique plant types without the normal concern of lighting or container issues. Put some gorgeous replica succulents in low light areas instead of live plants that would otherwise need lots of light. Or place some fabulous equisetum “horsetail” plant for a beautiful effect, the “not real” kind of course since the live plant would never grow indoors. Popular grasses and plain trees are normally left for the exterior, but as replicas, maintenance is a breeze. You can have so much fun designing plants into your space. The sky’s the limit!

(Pictured above – Replica succulents create a fantastic environment for work spaces.)



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