The Hottest Plants from the Araceae Family

As professional interiorscapers, we love finding showstopping indoor plants that add life and vigor to your space. With endless biodiversity, there’s a perfect plant for every space. One family has produced some perennial favorites–the Araceae family. 

Although you may not recognize the family name, you’ve definitely seen its’ members. Most notably, the Araceae family is host to philodendrons, pothos, and the often-Instagrammed monstera. Plants in this family are all tropical but tend to be fairly easy to care for, making them popular picks for the home plant lover. 

At Plantscapers, we love the variety found in this family and would love to introduce you to some of our favorites. 

Araceae Super Stars

Selloum Philodendron

Also known as a lacy tree philodendron, selloums grow on upright branches rather than vining as many expect from philodendron. Although they do well in pots, they can be grown outside in temperate climates and spread well. With their frilly foliage, they add a beautiful textural touch to a grouping of tropical palms or rubber plants. 

They grow well in bright, indirect sunlight. Since they are tropical plants, they should be kept fairly warm and away from drafty areas like foyers. Plant selloums in rich soil that retains moisture. They are sensitive to salt, so watering with distilled water is wise. Dilute a balanced fertilizer to half strength to avoid burning the leaves. Selloums are very poisonous if eaten, so keep that in mind if you have children or pets. 

Monstera Deliciosa

If you’ve scrolled through social media at all, you’ve likely admired a monstera deliciosa plant, also known as the ‘Swiss Cheese’ plant. Their deep green, glossy leaves develop holes called fenestrations that give the plant its distinctive foliage. As they mature, the holes grow towards the edge and create a split-leaf appearance. 

Although Monstera is often called a philodendron, it’s actually a separate genus of plant within the Araceae family. Just like philodendrons, monsteras love bright, indirect sunlight and could burn if in direct sun. Let your monstera dry out completely between waterings. They like moist air but hate soggy roots. Keep in mind that the brighter the light, the more you’ll have to water. 

Neon Pothos

If you love the heart-shaped leaves of a classic philodendron but want a bright pop of color, look for yet another member of the Araceae family. The neon pothos is a vining tropical plant with vivid lime green leaves when grown under bright indirect light. When grown in low light, the leaves will turn a deeper green.

Pothos is a great beginner plant since they grow well in all-purpose potting soil with drainage. Keep the soil moist but not soggy. If the leaves are wilting, it needs water. Pothos are great additions to hanging baskets with their beautiful vining habit but prune often to keep it bushy at the top if you prefer a fuller plant. The more you prune, the more side shoots will develop. 

Araceae is a wonderfully diverse family of plants that can beautify any space. If you would like to add a pothos, monstera, or philodendron to your home or office, let your Planstcaper designer know! We’d love to find the perfect plant for you! 

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