The Key to Productivity and Health: Biophilia

We spend more than 90% of our lives indoors, so our physical surroundings have a significant impact on our lives. Creating an environment where we can work, play, learn, and heal is essential to our overall health. As work has moved off the farm and into the office, we’ve reduced our connection to nature and with it, the life-affirming influence of plants. Our physical workplace plays a critical role in our well-being, not only emotionally and physically, but also in our productivity and efficiency.

The changing nature of our workspaces from outdoor to indoor has inspired leading designers and architects to incorporate biophilic design and circadian lighting into new designs. Adding plant life into the office helps increase individual, organizational, and environmental sustainability.  And it’s not just office buildings that need this–schools, cultural centers, government buildings, and healthcare facilities can all benefit from incorporating nature.

“The idea that your brain operates differently in nature is nothing new,” states Bill Browning, a thought leader in biophilic design. “What is new,” he continued, “is the growing body of research suggesting that when nature is present indoors, it can affect us in similar ways.“

There is substantial research on the principles of creating healthy spaces. Many Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Google, Etsy, and Interface are incorporating biophilia into their areas. It’s helping with recruiting and their bottom line immensely as people tend to work more efficiently when they work in a natural environment. It’s a fact that greenery in the workplace lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol levels, and boosts mood.  

These are exciting times for our industry as technology takes center stage. We need to bring the outdoors in, and plantscaping is the easiest and least expensive way to bring biophilia into your projects. Whether you like floor plants, living walls, moss walls or replica plants, it all brings nature indoors and naturally makes people feel better and happier!

What are you doing to incorporate biophilia into your designs? Call your plantscaping expert today to see how we can help bring the outdoors in. 




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