Annual Picnic – Let the Games Begin!


dakarie-sittingLet the games begin! Everyone had such rollicking fun at the 2016 annual Plantscapers picnic. The sun was shining Saturday on the first weekend in June as our team rolled into Irvine Regional Park to have their annual picnic. The day was perfect as the sun sent its warmest rays to beam down on all the gathering fun. This park is a fantastic place to visit and it was Plantscapers first time holding their summer fun there. Mark setup camp among several tall trees that provided shade for everyone to rest under. A bounce house was brought in for the kids. And a net was standing by ready for the infamous volleyball games.

volleyball-actionOf course the best time came when the volleyball was pulled out of the pack to see the light of day. Quickly it was passed back and forth over the net as teams assembled on both sides. Who was first to touch the sacred grounds but our own Isaac and his family. Right behind him was Marco with his family. Then everyone piled in to give their enthusiastic whack to the ball. Each player showed their expertise in the sport and contributed fantastic shots that gave team points to win.

Tacos Del 8 provided scrumptious food. Beef and chicken tacos along with cheesy quesadillas filled a lot of bellies. And generous offerings of brownies, pies, chips & dips, fried chicken, tostadas, and various vegetables and fruits to munch on were brought by several of the employees. It’s a fact that no one ever needs to go hungry when visiting a Plantscapers picnic.

kids-playingFrom volleyball to frisbee toss to great conversation, laughter, and of course the ultimate Piñata bash for the kids, the picnic brought warm camaraderie that is so familiar to our company. Employees and their families mingled together and enjoyed the whole afternoon. Mark and Julie were there having fun as well and making sure everyone was having a great time. We have a legacy of wonderful picnic memories for everyone to look back on through the years and these gatherings will always be a part of our company culture.




If you haven’t been to Irvine Regional Park, it’s something worth driving out to experience. It is set among 475 acres of heritage Oak and Sycamore trees. Rolling foothills surround it while Santiago Creek runs through it. Besides having wonderful picnics, there is a stone-work waterfall and foot bridge to check out along with a 10-minute ride on the train that meanders through two lakes. The OC Zoo is located inside the park where you can watch all kinds of wildlife such as bears, eagles, coyotes and barnyard animals as well.

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