Operations Manager Michael Healy

New Operations Manager

It’s no coincidence that Michael Healy ended up at Plantscapers as our new Operations Manager. Plants were embedded in his memories from way back. His early years growing up were filled with plants and flowers. Wonderful moments filled his days as he stalked through rows of Dracaenas at a nursery which became a wild jungle with wild things to be explored through his child-like imagination. It was during those times, accompanying his mom on her job, that the love of plants became seeded in his soul.

Michael’s mom took care of plants for residences and businesses and traveling along beside her gave Michael the opportunity to see first hand the world of interior plantscaping. He remembered how wonderful it was to go to various accounts and meet the people that knew his mother.

“Hey, Plant Lady,” they would lovingly say, their faces lighting up as his mother went by which made him very proud to be her son. Looking back at those times, he realized it really wasn’t so much the beautiful flowers or plants she installed that made her clients happy. It was the entire experience of her positive energy that filled the place up as she maintained the greenery.

New Operations ManagerJust recently, Michael was looking for the next step in his career. He had managed projects all across the United States for customers such as Wells Fargo Bank, Chase Bank, and other financial institutions as a project manager for ISSI, a nationwide project management company. He had also worked in loss prevention for Sports Chalet. Each company he excelled and improved their profits and efficiency.

After 10 years in this role, it was time to look for a new team and new industry. Due to Plantscapers growth, our strategic plan was to enhance our operations management position. Michael found us and we were thrilled. His combination of excellent customer service and management abilities perfectly fit the skill sets needed by Plantscapers. When he had viewed our open position, Michael said it had brought back all the fond memories working with his mom and her wonderful clients. It was then he knew he had to be a part of all the amazing things we do.

As an Operations Manager, his job is core and central to all we do and if we were to list everything in his responsibility bucket, we’d have half dozen pages to add. Basically he oversees and manages: customer service, purchasing and our Horticulture Department, all vital to the success of Plantscapers. Though his job is about plants, it mainly consists of relationships with people. Working directly with employees, vendors, and clients allows Michael to maintain a positive presence through clear-cut communication that seamlessly tie all working aspects of Plantscapers to his place in operations. Michael adapted quickly to his job by joining with Plantscapers core values: putting relationships first in all his actions.

Married to the love of his life, Michael says he is lucky to have Lisa as his wife. He is also the lucky “parents” of two great pugs, Bruin and Teddy along with a cat named Bear. In his spare time and along with Lisa, he loves to hang out at the beach and surf, snowboard in the mountains, scuba dive, swim, travel and enjoy good times with friends and family. Football is a huge part of his life as he played Defensive End at Woodbridge High School and today is a huge fan of the Minnesota Vikings.

If you get a chance, give a warm welcome to Michael. We know he’d love it.



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