Dance Even When There’s No Music


Sometimes life reminds you of the important things in unexpected ways. Recently, I had the joy of watching a group of six-year-old girls playing out in the waiting area outside of a restaurant. They must have just left graduation of some sort; maybe kindergarten or preschool.  They were all dressed up in the frothy dresses that only young girls can wear and having so much fun, twirling and laughing.

I stopped to watch and take a breath from my busy day full of work and errands. I could already see who the leaders and followers were in the group and imagined them as adults. There was one little girl who was just dancing her little heart out and trying to get others to follow. One of the girls said to the dancing girl, “We can’t dance because there’s no music.”

The leader in the pack turned to her and the whole group and without missing a beat replied, ‘You have to dance even if there’s no music!” and went on dancing.

That bit of wisdom hit me like a ton of bricks–we do have to dance every day even if there’s no music in our lives. Create joy, finish your tasks happily, stick to your commitments even when don’t want to. Hear the music of self-fulfillment in all you do. Being an entrepreneur my entire adult life, there has always been a nudge inside me to keep going even when I didn’t want to. I think it’s just the drive I was born with and the self-discipline I was taught. This simple example reminded me of how important our attitude is in all we do. It can make or break us.

Sometimes we are so busy I have to go in on weekends to complete a project. It’s tough and tiring, but you know what? I am thankful we have work to keep us busy right now. I have seen the other side of that coin when the crash hit the O.C., so I try and always keep that perspective. When I choose to be positive about tasks, it’s much more rewarding and enjoyable.

So remember always to dance even when there’s no music in your life. See how your heart and attitude are filled with joy!


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