The Finishing Touches: Patioscaping


You’ve finally completed your exterior landscaping–or so you think. You have the pool, the built-in barbeque, the seating area, and beautiful landscaping. But something is missing–a little life amongst the structure. You need patioscaping! Including smaller groupings of plants on your patio can soften the look of hard concrete entranceways and bring visual interest to your overall design scheme. Any planting that is outside in a container is considered patioscaping. 

While it’s best to envision your project with patioscaping from the beginning to place proper irrigation lines, it’s never too late to incorporate plants into your patio space. Sub-irrigation or hand watering gives flexibility for designing by the seasons. Patioscaping is an excellent opportunity to add a punch of color that you can change out frequently. You’ll be amazed at how much impact a few small changes can make. 


Patioscaping is an excellent addition to both residential and corporate dwellings. With large swaths of concrete walkway, large corporations can make a lasting impression with groupings of plants in a low bowl on each side of an entrance. Lunch areas and exterior break areas are much more relaxing with the addition of soothing plant life in attractive containers.


For design ideas, check out Pinterest or Houzz. Look for plants that will work well in containers–typically, this means they have smaller root systems. Succulents are a great way to start as they are drought tolerant, work well in containers, and tap into a very popular aesthetic trend right now. Make sure to use the proper potting soil for succulents and have proper drainage. 


Another key to successful patioscaping is choosing the right container. Choose pots that are large enough for your pants to grow slightly, and that match the design and color scheme of your space. It’s fun to do groupings of tall, medium, and shorter containers to add dimension and interest to your area. Vary the shapes as well–cylinders or squares, tall or short. And make sure that your containers can stand up to the elements. Some containers are made for interiors and will break or fade if left outside.



Have fun with your design, and you can’t go wrong! If you need help, call your plantscaping experts to help design, install, and properly maintain your new, relaxing space. 



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