Isaac and Rumus Celebrate a Plantscapers’ Anniversary

isaac and Rumus

Isaac and Rumus celebrate a Plantscapers’ anniversary this month. Both share a love of plants which is evident in their daily work and we are proud to have them as our technicians. Thank you Rumus and Isaac!


Isaac and Rumus anniversary
Rumus celebrates 10 years at Plantscapers this month.

Rumus is celebrating his 10 year annivesary with Plantscapers. A friend of his referred him to us while he was working at another company. He found out Plantscapers valued their employees with better benefits and appreciation. But it is his love of taking care of plants that truly brings Rumus to this profession.

Ever since he was 22 years old when he started with a landscape company where he dug and planted foliage, he has been in love with growing and caring for plants. He is keenly aware of the environment each plant requires, the little corner that makes it happy; or the lighted windows and temperature changes in the room. Just like people, Rumus says, plants have likes and dislikes. A person might like a plant in a specific corner, but if the plant doesn’t like it there, it most likely won’t do well. Maybe we need to call Rumus the Plant Whisperer!

Viewing pictures of his home, one realizes he is truly a Plant Whisperer. It’s an oasis of beautiful, happy plants. His hobby is being outside in the sun and working with plants. He has lemons, oranges, papayas, apples, avocados, and tangerines trees surrounding the perimeter of his spacious backyard. He also has two beautiful cacti called nopali that produce delicious edible fruit. He definitely has a very green thumb.

His key to his success with clients is his good cheer and more specifically he simply just loves to smile. He believes you have to make the best of your day and always bring some fun into it. Plus, everybody loves a smile and he is always smiling on the job, keeping his plants and customers happy.

But the best part of his day is focusing on the plants. They are his source of joy. He loves to talk to them as he whispers, “Wake up and grow!” Asked what pets does he have, he responded simply, “Plants. Plants are my pets.”

Rumus takes care of some very high-end clients such as Yamaha, Brenner & White Law Firm, Mark IV Financial Company and many others. We appreciate his loyalty and hard work and are looking forward to another great 10 years!


Isaac and Rumus anniversary
Isaac has made the 5 year anniversary mark at Plantscapers.

Isaac came to Plantscapers through his dad, who has known Julie and Mark for many years. His dad worked at one of the vendors of Plantscapers. At his previous job, Isaac was feeling under appreciated as a horticultural technician with a company that didn’t value its employees.  His dad said he had to check out Plantscapers and see if they had an opening. Well he did check it out and here he is, celebrating his 5 year anniversary with us. Isaac considers himself lucky to have come on board to a company that truly believes in its employees.

As a technician, Isaac has different types of clients and business owners he visits most every day. It’s part of the job that he finds most interesting. He gets to see cool things such as new car designs or beautiful properties in Beverly Hills such as delivering plants to an NBA owner’s house. Meeting a wide variety of people is part of the technician’s job, building relationships with them is essential. Isaac is not only a pro with taking care of plants, but taking care of people too!

Here are a few tidbits Isaac revealed to us.

What is your key to success with clients? Honesty. If you are honest with them, they respect you and open up to you. A bond builds between my clients where we share pictures and stories. I speak with presidents of companies and have a real interest to learn about them. This brings an element of trustworthiness to the job which I feel is key to success.

What’s the best part of your day? Being with my kids. Because I get to start early, I get home early, around 3p, to be with my kids. We love to go to Soak City or Knotts Berry Farm where we have annual passes. My family is everything to me and we have lots of fun together.

Do you have any hobbies? I play the drums in my church’s praise and worship band. When I came from Mexico, my parents brought me my first drum set when I was 15 years old. I taught myself by watching and listening to music. My daughter is also a musician, she plays the saxophone. And my wife sings in the church band as well. We actually did a family special last year where I played the piano, my wife sang, along with my two little kids as my daughter played the saxophone. My children are Destiny, 13 years, Isaac 8 years, and Natalie 7 years. We also love playing sports together such as soccer and volleyball.

Are you a pet lover? I love pets! We have a fresh water fish tanks where Bala sharks, silver dollars, dwarf gouramis, a rainbow shark, and tiger barbs swim together. It’s our first time having a tank. I even have live plants in it! There is also a plecostomus my youngest daughter likes to call the Sucker.

We are so honored and happy to have Isaac as part of our team. His infectious great attitude and smile are such an asset. He manages many of our top clients such as Pacific Western Bank branches, Cresa Partners, Newport Lexus, Masimo and many, many more. We appreciate Isaac’s attention to detail and his happy personality. We are looking for great things in his future.


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