Live Or Replica: The Right Plant for the Right Place

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Is it live, or is it a replica? That is the question, isn’t it? Plants of any kind can brighten up your space, but in some situations, using replica or faux plants can make a lot of sense. Studies show that even replica plants can improve productivity in the workplace by 12 percent. Concentration is improved by 15 percent, and workers exhibit 20 percent less fatigue. So whether you choose real or replica, plants are essential for your mental and physical health and their aesthetic perks. 

But which is right for you? There are benefits as well as challenges with both live plants and replica plants. For expert advice on which to choose, the Plantscapers team is here to assist you. 

Benefits of Live Plants

  • Live plants are a renewable resource, so they tend to be less expensive.
  • Live plants clean the air and help remove toxins from the air naturally.
  • Live plants will grow, helping to fill space vertically. Plan ahead, and your investment can only multiply.

Challenges of Live Plants

  • Live plants require light, so wholly enclosed spaces may be challenging. 
  • Live plants require more expertise when deciding what species to place in each place based on light and humidity levels.
  • Live plants all have different watering needs, so a professional service or dedicated green thumb is necessary. Without maintenance, your plants will die.
  • Live plants will need to be replaced over time. As with any living thing, they do have a life cycle.
  • Live plants require steps and tools to install.

Benefits of Replica Plants

  • No light? No problem. Replica plants work in any lighting environment. 
  • Replica plants are low maintenance. Keep them dusted with a feather duster periodically to keep them looking their best, and save your maintenance budget for other things.
  • If you can dream it, you can have it. A professional interiors caper can create custom designs to suit each space, regardless of light and humidity conditions.
  • There are many different styles available. Add color to dark areas such as restrooms or conference rooms with bright orchids or other blooms.

Challenges of Replica Plants

  • Quality can vary. For believable plants, make sure you purchase from an interiorscaper or high-end retail establishment. 
  • Replica plants are pricier than live plants, although the right purchase will last a lifetime.
  • Replica plants don’t grow to fill space, so your design must consider the exact proportions of your area.

Both live and replica plants offer beauty and mental calm when placed wisely. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to chat! 


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