Standing Tall: Plant Stands add beauty to indoor plants

pot on stand

As with anything else, there are trends in the plant world. At Plantscapers, we love the new trend of potting your beautiful, life-giving plants in wooden and ceramic plant stands as opposed to only pots. This craze has taken off in both residential and commercial designs, elevating (pardon the pun) the look of our installations. 

Biophilia, or the idea of bringing the outside world in, is the heart and soul of our business. Using plant stands that incorporate wood and ceramic (literally clay and earth) speaks directly to that mission. By blending natural elements in the vessels we use, we can take that aesthetic even further, creating a seamless, organic look in your home or office. 

Not only do plant stands bring natural aesthetics in, but they also bring in a bit of height. Varying the height of the groupings of plants in your space can add to the look of your environment. Mixing stands with pots that sit on the ground can be a fun way to mix it up. Keep in mind that the foot or two that a plant stand adds to your plant needs to be taken into account when choosing which plants you include. Nobody wants your beautiful saw palmetto running into the ceiling. 

There are a few great sources for finding plant stands. They are available from reputable interiorscapers, of course. You can also find them at high-end design stores such as West Elm or Pottery Barn. They typically come in two colors—natural, which leaves the wood bare, or painted. These particularly suit a modern or mid-century modern sensibility with clean lines and plenty of space around them. You can even mix both looks to suit your design scheme. We love this one from The Potted Earth, made right here in Southern California.

Plant stands are a simple way to spice up your space with a fun trend and incorporate the natural world in your living and working space. If you’d like help choosing the perfect stand and the plant to go with it, the Plantscapers team is here to help! 


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