Make It Rain: Caring for your Money Tree

Pachira Aquatica

We could all use a little luck these days, right? If luck came in plant form, many people would agree that it takes the shape of the Pachira Aquatica or the Money Tree. Although it’s famous for its feng shui effects, this tree is native to the Americas, where it can grow to nearly sixty feet. Luckily (pardon the pun), bonsai versions of the tree have become a very popular house and office dweller. 


Potted, the money tree will stay smaller, growing to around four to five feet if given the space. Desktop versions are also available, often sold with braided trunks that are just as beautiful as their lush green leaves. While these plants are tropical in origin, they do well in an inside environment as long as you follow a few simple tips. 



Money trees like sunlight, but their leaves are sensitive to direct sun. They do exceptionally well in bright, indirect sun, such as next to a north or south-facing window. Given too much direct sunlight, their leaves will burn. They can also survive in low light, especially in the wintertime.  



Since the money tree is native to tropical climates, it’s important to replicate that humidity when growing at home. The money tree will thrive in high humidity, such as 50% and up in your home. You can achieve this by keeping a bit of water and gravel in the saucer of the pot to raise the relative humidity around your tree, place it near a humidifier, or mist it frequently. If the tips of its leaves are starting to brown, increase the moisture. 


While the money tree likes a moist atmosphere, it doesn’t want to drown. Water thoroughly, but don’t allow standing water in the soil. Instead, water deeply and let the top few inches to dry out in between waterings. Make sure there is adequate drainage as well. Otherwise, it may succumb to root rot. 



Just like most plants, the money tree will benefit from a bit of fertilizer. It’s best to lightly feed by diluting liquid houseplant food by half and applying every two weeks or so. Only feed during the spring, summer, and fall. In the winter, take a break. 



The money tree is a bit particular about where you place it. Try to avoid drafty spots, as it dislikes movement. Also, try not to move its pot frequently. Motion, whether the whole pot or strong breezes, can cause the money tree to drop its leaves. 


Pachira Aquatica can be a lovely and maybe lucky addition to your home or office. Need help? Plantscapers professionals can also assist you when choosing your indoor plants. Drop us a line, and we will be in contact soon! 



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