Our Hearts on our Sleeves

It's the intentions of our hearts, not the color of our skin, that determines character.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 


What if we could identify people by the color of their hearts, rather than the color of their skin? In my experience, the color of someone’s skin means nothing. However, the way they live their lives—the color of their heart, so to speak—reveals volumes. 

Skin color has nothing to do with someone’s character. There are people with kind hearts in every race and ethnicity. There are people with evil, toxic hearts in every race and ethnicity, as well. We seek out those that have our best interests at heart—the helpers, the doers, the people that uplift others. Adversely, we avoid those that have toxic intentions and only want to serve themselves. 

The content of our character and the color of our hearts is something that is developed and decided. A good heart can reside in someone with a hard background. A bad heart can reside in someone that has lived a life of privilege, with every opportunity to help others. It is our job to discern the differences based on their actions and irrespective of the outward shell of skin tone. We are not all the same, but our differences are strengths, not failures. 

Our nation as a whole is hurting right now, but it can heal based only on our individual actions. Let’s judge people based on their intentions, and how they live their lives, how they contribute to our world, not based on the color of their skin. I have met and worked with many people in my life, and it gets easier to discern the good from the bad. 

My prayer and wish for our society are that we could grow together, breathing the same air, and learning from each other. Let’s join hands and march forward together. 


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