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panoramic moss wall for residence
Moss wall
Japanese Buddhist monks use the beauty and serenity of moss for their meditation gardens.

Moss walls are great for the indoors. No, it’s not like mold that grows in the cracks of showers. It’s not even similar to algae that clings to every surface of a tank full of fish. Moss is the beautiful clump of green that you come across walking through a forest, perhaps tufts located between rocks next to a flowing stream. Often confused with the north facing lichens with names such as reindeer moss or iceland moss, true mosses are small flowerless plants that typically grow in damp or shady locations. And now they are making their way up walls indoors.

Frame the tufts of green. Framing tufts of green into beautiful patterns has made it possible to liven spaces with greenery. Inside a lobby, restaurant, office space or home, moss walls have become their own entity in a beneficial blanket of indoor green.

Lacking a vascular system that requires roots and sturdy stems, moss comes in approximately 1 inch high clumps that can be used in various designs and textures. The delight of seeing patterned green hanging on the wall, with its peaceful influence is undoubtedly the reason for its growing popularity.

Moss Wall
A moss wall is captivating and an elegant piece of art made of natural elements.

Low maintenance. But unlike a living wall filled with plants that require the proper lighting, structural requirements and special maintenance, moss walls can stand alone anywhere with little more than an occasional dusting. Moss and lichens specially preserved using food-grade pigments and non-toxic UV coating has provided interior plantscaping with infinite power to create beautiful gorgeous greenery anywhere. Their vibrancy and suspended state of beauty do not require lighting or water since they are technically not alive. Yet the plants still carry the same effects of well-being for the indoors simply by providing the influence of biomimcry, a connection made with nature by bringing the outdoors inside.

As the latest trend in interior decor, the idea of utilizing moss as a means to invoke tranquility started with the Buddhist monks of Japan. They revered the meditative qualities moss gave as it grew in their temple gardens and they continued to cultivate them on stones and walls as a symbol of harmony and tradition. The little gardens brought the essence of nature within the living spaces, so the mind and body could escape the daily trials of life.

Moss wall art
Created by talented designers, moss walls are the current trend for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

It truly is a form of art. Living moss wall art creates extraordinary dramatic spaces. Each piece is unique and can be customized to fit certain specifications, using wood and organic features to complement the moss. It’s a verified fact that plants reduce stress at work and increase productivity.

Moss wall for the home. For a home, moss wall art is a sensational way to bring the subtle influence of both nature and the color green. Green is one of the most neutral of shades and provides calm, balance and harmony. A wall of moss with varying shades of green baths the room in nature and the prospect of a peaceful place to live.

Moss wall for work. For a company interested in their financial bottom line, investing in customer satisfaction and employees’ health and performance rests easily in creating a green environment. Moss wall art is an affordable, maintenance free way to bring the beauty and calming effects of nature into the work place where productivity increases and employees are much happier.




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