Vertical Art: Moss Walls

Mood Moss Custom Wall-private home

As you know, vertical living and moss walls are the hot craze in the United States. But where did this gorgeous trend begin? As with so many plant innovations, the vertical walls originated in Europe. 

The father of modern-day vertical art is French botanist and landscape architect Patrick Blanc. Blanc’s work appears all over Europe and made its way to the United States about ten years ago. 

Now, many designers are incorporating vertical living walls in their commercial and residential projects. While Blanc is known for his living walls, in some cases, live plants are difficult. For those situations, preserved moss walls can provide a striking aesthetic without the need for irrigation or sunlight. 

Moss walls require no light or maintenance. They love shady areas and corners to protect the color of the moss from fading. The Plantscapers team loves creating these beautiful art pieces. Check out some of our favorite projects here.  

While moss walls are convenient, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Size, location, and color story for moss walls

The first step is to determine what size you want your moss wall to be and where it will live. They are great on any type of wall: stucco, brick, stone, concrete. They can be framed or set in a recessed area, which would not require a frame. 

Moss walls aren’t ideal in very public places as they can be delicate if continuously touched. Likewise, they aren’t suitable for direct sun or exterior placement. Moss walls are gorgeous pieces of art, so think of places that you would display artworks. We have hung them in private homes, offices, conference rooms, yachts, and restrooms. 

We have created walls using different patterns and colors. Your wall is custom, so it’s one of a kind. Moss walls are an excellent opportunity to incorporate a company logo into your interiorscaping. It provides a unique and memorable branding opportunity.

While often you’ll see a single panel moss wall, we also enjoy triptychs, which are three different frames that lend themselves to the same design framed next to each other. Once you have decided on the height and width, design, and colors, you can proceed to the design phase.


After you decide the size, style, and colors, our designers go to work. We will create a mockup to approve the design, shades of moss, and frame (if needed). There are nine colors of moss to choose from and four colors of frames. We recommend having some kind of spot or track lighting installed by your contractor to highlight the beautiful piece.  

All the moss is preserved, so it will last a long time if cared for correctly. Another bonus? Moss creates a sound barrier naturally, so it will absorb noise without unsightly sound panels. 


After the final selections are made and the products created and received in our warehouse, we schedule the installation. Our team of professional installers will start their process. We are very meticulous and detailed in our installs, measuring, leveling. The last step is to enjoy!  

Would you like to incorporate vertical art in your home or workspace? Contact your professional interiorscaper for more information on how to bring a living wall to your space.


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