Vertical Art: Living Walls

AIS-Living Wall Lobby with watering system

Vertical Art is the hot craze right now, harnessing biophilia’s power by bringing the outdoors in.  

Living walls are actually easy, fun, and will transform a room if you hire a professional interior plantscaping company to help you with design, installation, and maintenance. This is not a “do it yourself” project as there are many factors to consider.  

Here are just a few things to consider before embarking on a living wall.  


The first step is to determine what size you want your living wall to be and where it will be. Living walls are great on any wall: stucco, brick, stone, concrete, and even outside. A good rule of thumb is that anything 12’ high and shorter does not need an irrigation system, as you can maintain it with a ladder. Anything 12’ and taller, and you will need a wall with irrigation. If planned properly, an irrigated wall can be easily achieved. Walls can be framed or set in a recessed area, which would not require a frame. Think of them as pieces of live art for your home or office. Once you’ve decided on the height and width, you can proceed to the design phase. 


After we determine the size of the wall, then we go to work. We use waterproof fiberglass trays, so there is no need for extra waterproofing. If the wall is 12’ and shorter, we attach the trays to a metal grid attached to your wall, while the trays clip-in. If the wall is higher than 12’, then special arrangements must be made in the contracting stage: a water source, electricity, and an area to set up an irrigation box, and sometimes a lift is necessary. This Is where we work closely with the contractor to achieve these things properly in the construction stages.  


This is where the fun comes in, as we determine the aesthetic of the wall. We can make the wall very contemporary or very lush, very linear or curvy. We work closely with the client to achieve their desired look, which should mimic the space’s design. Six-inch plants are used in most walls, but not all plants work on vertical walls. This is why working with a professional is imperative. This is the most creative stage as we can add color to walls, using colorful bromeliads, orchids, kalanchoes, and at the holidays, poinsettias. We will draw up the design showing the client the final design for approval before installation. 


After you make the final selections and we order the products, we schedule the installation.  Our team of professional installers will start their process. We are very meticulous and detailed in our installs, putting down tarps, measuring, leveling, etc. First, we drill the grids into the wall, placing the trays on the grids. Then we install each plant based on the design pattern like a painter with their canvas.  Finally, we water everything in and introduce you to your new favorite spot in your home or office.  

Are you interested in incorporating some vertical art in your home or workspace? Contact your professional interiorscaper for more information on how to bring a living wall to your space. 


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