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Bringing plants indoors is one of the loveliest things to do for a home or business. Beautiful pots showcase the foliage and become a part of the interior design. Adding mulch to the potted plant adds a bit of chic as well as holds moisture for less watering.

Grey spanish moss or green sheet moss is a typical covering used by many florists. But crushed hulls from pecans and cocoa-beans are a great alternative that is sustainable and smells perfectly wonderful! Other creative ways to cover the soils of potted plants is with the fibrous outer layers of the coconut.

Other reasons to mulch? It helps plants grow properly. The mulch itself eventually decomposes releasing a wealth of nutrients into the soil.

Pets that love to stick nose and paws into the indoor dirt are kept at bay when mulch is applied to potted plants. The mulch not only serves as a protective barrier from these curious creatures but shields the soil and plant roots from the sun when placed in bright a bright window.

Though artificial without any beneficial nutrients, stones placed as soil cover gives the plants a clean look and provides a decorative style. Contemporary and modern architecture find the aesthetics of these potted plants blend well with their minimalist, fresh, and functional designs.

Groundcovers are another word for living mulch and act to camouflage soil and retain moisture. Tiny sedums that drap over, colorful heucheras or even tiny ferns planted around the main plant creates a beautiful living space at soil level.

Mulched plants, whether in a pot or not, require less watering. The covered soil retains the water so it is easy to over do it. Checking the soil underneath for moisture and using containers with holes in the bottom to allow extra water to run out will keep roots from becoming waterlogged. Be sure to place saucers under the pots to catch the water.

To avoid root rot, keep only a thin layer of mulch. Proper air circulation is important for the roots of the plants and prevents them from becoming overly humid where bacteria thrive.

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