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About a year ago, our CEO Julie Davis Farrow and our CFO Jason Cupp had lunch with an interior industry colleague from Palm Springs.   Greg Eberly, owner of Designer Greens, has been friends with Julie for over twenty years, and in that lunch he shared his desire to retire.   He wanted to begin a conversation with Plantscapers about taking over his clients in the Coachella Valley.

“Knowing retirement was on the horizon, I began searching for an A+ company with whom I could merge Designer Greens’ accounts,” Eberly states, “I feel so fortunate to have found a winner, a company owned by multi-decade personal and professional friends.”

Designer Greens, a 35 year old company, is one of the most well-known interior plantscaping companies in Palm Springs, and has an amazing reputation with commercial clients, residential clients, homes associations and hotels.   Their weekly plant maintenance, orchid bowls and rotations, and installs was a very similar scope of work that Plantscapers offered its clientele.

With our current footprint of clients from Los Angeles to San Diego, expanding to Palm Springs was part of the Plantscapers long-term growth plans, especially since we already had a few clients in the area.   As with any business expansion, culture and compatibility were key factors in the success.

Greg Eberly Julie Farrow Designer Greens Plantscapers Palm SpringsWe are pleased to announce, that as of July 1st, 2015, we have made the full transition to servicing the Designer Green clients, and plan an expedited expansion into the market.   We have formally welcomed all of these new clients to the Plantscapers Family!   We are so excited to add to the reputation that Greg’s company has, by offering our outstanding customer service, superior design and installation, color rotations, Quality Control visits, and our lifelike replica products.

One thing we are priding ourselves in is a seamless transition.  It’s business as usual for Designer Greens clients, seeing some of the same technicians, as well as some new technicians.   We have been working behind the scenes for a few months training so that we know the ins and outs of the area, the clients, and the client preferences.   And, we have also invested in personnel, management, technology and infrastructure to add more clients.

One thing is true as we reflect on this amazing opportunity is that we could not have ever considered such an expansion without our current census of amazing clients, combined with our professional and tenured team of technicians and management.   We cannot wait to see what the future holds, not only from Los Angeles to San Diego, but also into Palm Springs and afar.

“When I started the Plantscapers almost 35 years ago,” says Julie Davis Farrow, CEO, “I had no idea we would ever expand outside of Long Beach, let alone across all of Southern California.   I’m so pleased and honored to now call the Palm Springs region a part of our footprint, and to continue the amazing work that Greg Eberly and Designer Greens started so many years ago.”

We have extended our referral program into Palm Springs as well – if you know of any potential clients in the area, we will offer you a $100 referral credit to your account for any contract signed!   Please contact us for more information about this exciting expansion and opportunity.

Our future is growing, let’s grow together!

(Photo – Top:   Jason Cupp, Greg Eberly, Mark Farrow, Julie Farrow in Palm Springs earlier this year working on the transition)
(Photo – Left:  Greg Eberly and Julie Farrow on “Closing Day” at Plantscapers, Inc. office in Irvine)


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