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Convincing an architect or client who has a specific design in mind and budget can be a challenge. A great example from a recent installation we did shows how our plant installation complemented an architects design.

A company just finished a contemporary lobby with stainless steel trim and very clean lines. To stay within the design, we used Dracaena Marginata’s in oversized tall European squares in burmished silver with black poly pebbles at the base.

On each of the sides flanking the entrances we placed large 4’ black coral Sanseverias in the same square containers with black poly pebbles as the Dracaena. To contrast the black we set a low bowl with a simple white Phalenopsis orchid nestled in polished rock to sit on the reception counter.

The clean lines of the building were followed with the sharp leaves of the Dracaena and Sanseverias. The pots square geometry fit perfectly with the contemporary design and the black pebbles gave it a chic look.

PLANTSCAPERS Modern ContainersSimple and clean line containers speak volumes. And the plants make the lobby friendly and inviting in contrast to the modern starkness popular in today’s designs. Approaching the architectural community in positive ways to complement their work earns respect with professionalism and the innovative ways our industry can enhance their design.


Pictures are worth a thousand words and selling a design is no different. To actually show the space with plants gives visual proof what we do truly has value (See June 12 Blog).

Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Take photographs of the space.
  • Measure the space appropriately for scale.
  • Choose decorative containers that match the accents or floor.
  •  Choose decorative containers that follow the overall design.
  • Be sure to use less is more approach with plant selection.
  • Specify unusual and specimen plants that complement the design.
  • Use computer imagery to show the client your vision. Check out Tropical Computers Inc.’s website that can help you show visual presentations
  • Be sure and do the visuals to scale utilizing measurements taken when at your appointment.
  • Listen with an open mind to what the architect is seeking. There are so many ways to complement their concept.

Be creative. Search out one of kind decorative containers in your specific area to keep your designs unique. Use one or two in key places to make a statement and positively impact the look competitors can’t copy. This sets you apart from competition, and trust me your clients will love it.

Of course, we must not forget it is business, so be competitive in pricing but allow room for a decent profit that includes excellent, guaranteed service. Proving our industry is respectable and reliable with new and exciting ways to elicit great designs is not rocket science. It’s quite simple, “Say what you do, and do what you say.”

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