Sansevieria Fernwood: Beauty and Tenacity

Any plant is a positive addition to your living or working space, but some plants hold a little more visual impact than others. Take, for example, the extremely popular Sansevieria Fernwood. This plant is nearly a piece of artwork on its own, which has lead to its superstar status in the plantscaping world. 

The Sansevieria Fernwood is commonly known as the mother in law plant or a snake plant. With thin emerald stalks, the original Fernwood is a delicately tendrilled plant with a fierce attitude. It’s almost indestructible as long as it’s not overwatered. Its unique architectural shape makes a sharp impression in any interior design scheme.

Sansevieria Fernwood originated in Africa and is expectedly hardy. Fernwood is one of those unusual plants that grow well in either bright light or shade. Just make sure they are planted in well-drained soil and watered a couple of times a month. Don’t let your Sansevieria Fernwood sit in pooling water; you’ll invite root rot. 

One of the newest hybrids of Sansevieria Fernwood is the ‘Mikado.’ Its round dark green leaves feature a light green mottling that’s similar to the original Fernwood. As the leaves mature, they arch outward slightly, creating clean lines and a fountain effect.

Like many plants, Sansevierias are a beautiful way to help purify the air in your home. They are known to cleanse formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene from the air, particularly at night. While they are often placed in bedrooms, for this reason, be careful. They can be toxic if ingested so keep them away from children. These fun architectural plants are perfect for use alone or as part of a group for a big statement. They are perfect for a front entry in your home or office. 

Sansevieria Fernwood is a favorite plant for nearly any design, whether for a contemporary or traditional space. Try one out today—they are readily available at local nurseries and are easy to install. Or, better yet, ask your design consultant to incorporate one into your design scheme today! 

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