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What sustains a company for 40 years? The first thing that comes to my mind and heart is the word TEAM. The old saying is true: there is no “I” in team. It’s all about the people that surround us in our daily efforts. 

As leaders, we lead and hold ourselves to the highest standards. That is what sustains us. It’s also what inspires the rest of our team. Our clients expect the best, and we deliver. It sounds easy, but it is not. We strive every day to be better and to learn. 

One of the hallmarks of the Plantscapers mentality is the commitment to learn from our mistakes. We don’t dwell on our mistakes, but we try to discover the breakdown. Discussing what we learned and what we could do differently is extremely valuable. We make a note and move on. That commitment to honest assessment keeps us on a path to growth. 

Just as our workflow has grown over the years, so has our team. Each person that has joined us over the years has taught us invaluable lessons. It’s time to meet the people that ensure our success as we deliver beautiful designs and top-notch customer service time after time. 

Front Office Team

Our first line of defense is our administrative assistant, Kim. She is the first impression for every potential client on the phone and can make or break the first client experience. Spoiler alert: she makes it every time! She keeps the entire office staff in check and is always willing to jump in and help.

Our design consultants: Susi and Courtney create unique enhanced interiors to complete our clients’ look, whether residential or commercial, with their professional and innovative interior plantscaping design. We are so proud of our award-winning team of design consultants.

Once the design is locked in, our purchasing coordinator, Jen, secures and orders all the products for the installation. By looking at photos and touring greenhouses, she’s always making sure all the products are up to Plantscapers standards and ordered in time to hit the clients’ deadlines. 

Our install team Mark and Louie, prepare all the material in our warehouse and load up our large truck with everything to professionally install at the client’s location. Like a treasure map, they carefully follow the designers’ specifications to created flawless plantscapes. Louie also is our warehouse coordinator. He keeps the warehouse and our greenery organized and well taken care of.

All our billing and accounting is carefully handled by our office manager, Tani. She keeps us all accountable, so our financials are always intact, and we run a financially sound company. Tani also does the daily accounting of receivables and payables and handles all the company’s human resources.

Our scrupulous CFO, Jason, holds all the seams together. Hovering over the entire team, he makes sure our balance sheets and financials are always in check. He focuses on big picture items to ensure we take care of our employees, receivables, and payables. Without good financials, we are nothing! Numbers never lie, and Jason can make them talk.

Sales and marketing are run by our CEO, Julie (me). I oversee the sales and marketing team and drive the momentum of the company. One of my primary responsibilities is keeping the vision for our company alive and fresh both daily and far into the future. 

The last group is our effortless, talented marketing team. Julie leads the team with support from Shylah, Rachel, and Lee. They all play a massive part in our marketing efforts. It’s a blessing to have a talented and well-oiled team. 

Back Office Team

The front office may steer the business, but the engine is truly in our back office. These are the people that make sure that our team and our plants keep growing.  

Our incredible operations team starts with our customer service manager, Katie, who works with our clients to ensure our team of horticulture specialists meets our standards. Caity, our horticulture manager, manages the team by coordinating all the scheduling, our fleet, and keeping our horticulture team’s morale up! These two work diligently together and have built a fantastic partnership.

Our horticulture technicians are the success behind all of the above. Without excellent service, we would not survive. All of our senior horticulturists have been team members for ten years or more.

David handles most of our inland empire accounts and brings years of professionalism and horticulture skills to each of his accounts.

Marco takes care of many Fortune 500 large accounts. He is highly regarded and respected at all his accounts. 

Rufino takes care of our largest accounts, and his attention to detail and professionalism is remarkable. 

Our horticulturist specialist and trainer, Sue, is remarkable at caring for our high-end residences throughout Orange County. She is detail-orientated and contributes to bringing on new team members through her dedicated training regimen. Her horticulture specialists team may not have as many years under their belts, but they are just as dedicated and learning more every day. 

We are so blessed to have Bri take care of all our Greater Palm Springs area accounts, as well as some fantastic accounts in the OC. She has the best can-do attitude and gets things done efficiently and properly.

Jeremiah is a delight to work with and works on many of our corporate offices. He’s a great listener and hard worker. 

Heydrian is like a chameleon—wherever people need him, he just fits in. He’s a diligent horticulturist on large accounts, keeping our clients happy and working hard every day.

Rumos is a charming, well-trained professional horticulturist. He works hard but makes it look easy! 

Samantha is our bright star. She has so many hidden talents. Not only is she a professional dancer, but she’s also an amazing horticulturist. She is our top-notch Instagram actress, and we love all her extraordinary talents and attitude.

As always, Plantscapers is growing. We have two new team members that are currently training and will be on our website soon. We’re thrilled to add more people power to our team.

None of this would be possible without the unsung group—our suppliers. Your plants, containers, and implements make us look good and fulfill the vision of our designers and clients. Thank you for working with us over all these years. We could not make it without you!

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