We Love Dogs!

Plantscapers Dogs

We love Dogs!

Plantscapers Dogs
Lucky Olive is happy at Plantscapers!
Plantscapers Dogs
“Walk?” says Nancy and Andi’s eyes say it all.

Recently during the heatwave that hit the Southland,  a four-legged visitor happened to visit Plantscapers.

Olive, Susi Tomich’s dog, spent the day at the office since their air conditioner at home was under repair. Pacing back and forth in Susi’s office, Olive was so excited to be with her mommy!  Susi too was relieved that she could bring Olive with her to the office.

Dogs are just little people with four legs and Plantscapers recognizes the fact dogs are other members of the family. Whether at work or home, Plantscapers is a devotee to fuzzy canines and always welcomes the well-loved, well-behaved tail waggers to the office.

Plantscapers Dogs
Huey and Roxy are Ashley’s buddies.
Plantscapers Dogs
Tani and Coco loving it up.
Plantscapers dogs
Baby, Jason’s dog, relaxes happily at home.

If you are one of the lucky millions who have a dog or two, you understand what it is all about. Yes, cats are incredible too, cute, fuzzy and interesting creatures. But there is something special dogs bring to the world. It’s their fully focused, undying devotion to their owner, no matter the circumstances. They live, breath, eat, play and sleep for humans.

Encoded deep within their genes from a time long ago where a wolf or two diverted from their pack, dogs have become hooked on humans. Not just for food, but for psychological and emotional health. They love us! And since that time forward, it’s been a match made in heaven. There are no words that adequately describe the bond that exists between dogs and their owner. It’s something that must be experienced to be appreciated.

Plantscapers Dogs
Julie and Marley are friends forever.
Plantscapers dogs
Marley is on patrol at Plantscapers.

Mark and Julie Farrow, COO and CEO of Plantscapers think so too. Visitors and employees are always greeted at work by Marley, their canine buddy and family dog. Marley has become such a benefit to the company; she recently made it to VP Guard Dog and takes her job quite seriously. Unofficially she is also the company greeter and always has a friendly doggie smile at the door.

How do you spell devotion? D-O-G.

“All animals dream. But only dogs dream of us.”
                                                                     Berkley Breathed


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