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jade plant

Sometimes it’s fun to think about plants in a new way. With life always a rush to meet appointments and beat traffic, taking a bit of time to relax is key to happy days.

So find a pot and some soil and make a bit of zen and fun for yourself while creating a healthy environment for your home as you unwind from a busy day with a simple way to grow a plant.jade plant flowers

The jade plant or its more official name, crassula ovata, is a succulent that blooms pink or white flowers in the winter. It has a lovely reputation as the friendship tree, lucky plant and money tree and is an easy houseplant to grow.

Maybe the term lucky or friendship derives from the fact you can easily grow the plant from clippings or stray leaves that drop off the plant. I suppose it is similar to a friendship that can grow with ease when you meet the right person.

Take a walk around your neighborhood and you’re bound to find a jade plant. Their drought tolerant status is perfect for today’s water restrictions. Look for broken clippings or fallen leaves on the ground and snatch up a few.

Rinse the leaves or cuttings in water, no soap, and then let them dry out and callous-over, usually just a few days. After, place in a small pot with rich, well-draining soil. Roots will begin to grow in about 4 weeks and then soon green leaves will follow.

jade in little potOnce the plant takes root, keep it moderately dry, do not overwater! Allow the soil to dry out, drench the plant and let dry out again before the next watering. If the round leaves turn brown and fall off, you are over watering.

Medium to high indirect lighting for several hours will keep your jade a nice bright green. If left in direct sunlight for too long, the jade will release carotenoids to protect from the sun’s UV rays that turn their leaves yellow or red.

Be creative with the pot, choose glass, ceramic or any other interesting container. Enjoy communing with nature as you plant the jade and watch it grow to accent your home with its lucky charm and beautiful foliage.



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