Brilliant Blooms—Chrysanthemums Bring Splendor to Fall

It’s the sad time of year when summer’s showy blooms fade away. But the late-season garden can offer all the brilliant color and spectacular shapes, all on one plant: chrysanthemums, more commonly called mums. Available in dozens of exciting varieties, mums bloom for weeks. The sheer number of brightly colored flowers per plant will leave …

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The Family Business

It’s impossible to reflect on Plantscaper’s 40th anniversary without reflecting on 39 years working with my husband, Mark, and eight years of working with our daughter, Courtney. It’s not often that you can say that your business is older than your marriage, but in our case, it’s true! Plantscapers has always been a family affair, …

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Lasting Relationships: TraPac and Plantscapers

Building a business isn’t just about adding employees and vehicles. Sometimes the most important guideposts are when you gain clients that you treasure for years. TraPac, located in Wilmington, California, is one of our longest-lasting client relationships, one that we are very grateful for.  It was the fall of 1987 when I got a call …

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Bromeliads Bring A Splash of the Rainforest

Do you want to add color and exotic beauty to your space? If so, then bromeliads should be on your ‘must-have’ list. This beautiful flowering plant hails from the tropical rainforest but can thrive in your home or office with proper care. They make a gorgeous addition to any collection of indoor plants.  Bromeliad Habit …

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The Aralia: Beautiful Contrast for Any Environment

As interiorscapers, we are self-proclaimed plant lovers. One of my favorite plants right now is the Aralia plant. With their beautiful and delicate foliage and small size, they are a great addition to any home or office.  Aralias are part of the Araliaceae family, whose most famous member is the ginseng plant. Aralia may not …

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Designers Embrace Integrating Plants

As the pandemic wanes and businesses start welcoming their employees back into workspaces, the need for biophilia is catching on. Architects and designers understand the importance of bringing the outside in, and are now integrating plants into their design schemes from the earliest concept stages. They know that the human spirit is eased when plants …

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The Finishing Touches: Patioscaping

You’ve finally completed your exterior landscaping–or so you think. You have the pool, the built-in barbeque, the seating area, and beautiful landscaping. But something is missing–a little life amongst the structure. You need patioscaping! Including smaller groupings of plants on your patio can soften the look of hard concrete entranceways and bring visual interest to …

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